Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Thousand Words

We had a more laid back day today.  Not so much work and a lot more play.  We were invited to a birthday party for one of Clarisse's classmates at a fun bounce house filled venue.  Reagan thoroughly enjoyed herself and showed off a ton of skills.  Instead of telling you, I'll just show the pictures shall I? :)

 Big girl even climbed up to a tall slide and slid down all by herself!

Face painting is always a favorite of my girls.  She requested a prompting.

Look out,  Speedy Reagan coming through!

Cake!  I love Cake!

And finally one video because I was blown away when I handed her the bat to try and hit the ball and she did this...and this was her worst hit!  Girl has some serious hand eye coordination!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Let it Go

As we all know, Reagan is Frozen obsessed.  And really cute.  Wanna see?


And when mommy won't turn it on for her...well that doesn't slow her down...she has the music and she knows how to play it...kinda. lol

P.S. Aunt Jodi...if you are reading made an appearance in her bedtime prayers tonight...she thanked God for Aunt Jodi XOXO.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


The concept of awareness and raising awareness for Down syndrome has naturally been on my mind the last few weeks.  I almost didn't raise to the blogging challenge this year as our experiences have been so fantastic that I almost feel that we don't need to raise awareness about Down syndrome.  And then at the beginning of the month a few people posted about not calling it Down syndrome awareness month, but rather Down syndrome acceptance month.  The idea being that everybody if perfectly aware of Reagan (or ...insert peer here..), but what we really need to work on is acceptance of Reagan (or peer) as she is.  There is validity to this statement and of course as her mother I hope that she is accepted wherever she goes...and right now she pretty much is (of course...she's adorable and charming and, well you all asked me to do this again this year so you know).  As I pondered this though I realized that awareness doesn't merely mean that you are aware of Reagan, or that she has Down syndrome, but rather of what that really means.  Because truly and very tragically there is still a lot of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of the basics of Down syndrome.  And without understanding (whether you like/agree with it or not) there is not likely to be the cherished acceptance.  And that is particularly true among our children.  Because they can be caught before negative ideas catch hold and pointed in the right direction with facts and compassion.  So it was with much excitement that I spoke (for the first time ever!)  to the big girls school about Down syndrome today.  It thrills me to no end to think of the 103 (yes I counted) children who have already experienced Reagan on the edges of their lives learn that she has Down syndrome and what that means and to actually clamor for a Down syndrome awareness ribbon to take home because, as they shouted to me in the presentation, Reagan is a person just like them.
 Created by God just as she is.  And to be loved an cherished no matter her differences because she is Created in His image just like them.  I have to brag on this school and these kids for a moment here.  They blew me away with their participation in the explanation (fyi pairs of socks are a great illustration for chromosomes)  and their insistence that value isn't based on chromosomes or differences.  Cookies are a great illustration of differences being a good thing, but the fact that they wanted the ribbons more than the cookies warmed my heart to no end.
 That is 103 future adults who will not be frightened by the idea of a child with Down syndrome.  103 people who won't feel awkward when they meet someone with Down syndrome...or for that matter for some other difference.  Because these kids really got it that we are all creations who are more alike than different and that our differences make us who we are.  I loved that the principle used Down syndrome as a jumping off place to teach these kiddos that when they meet someone who looks or acts differently than them to remember that they are also created by God and to be treated as such.
 So there you go.  Awareness really is go...spread it.  And if you need to know more stuff....well ask! :)  And (I know I'm probably talking to the wrong crowd here) if someone tries to tell you about something important to them....please listen...if it is important to them, then it should be important to you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney Days

We love to spend an afternoon after school strolling the enchanting byways of the Happiest Place on Earth.  And since Reagan doesn't have the stamina to do much walking (still working on getting some physical therapy for that)  she rides in the stroller.  Which means when she kicks off one of her boots and I don't notice that she is trying to tell me, I get to re-stroll those byways in search of it.

She doesn't mind though...she'll ride on the carousel with Daddy while she waits.  She will not, however, ride on the animals...they go up and down and up and down is scary!

Toy Story Midway Mania is a favorite of Reagan's.   She is pretty good at pulling that string to shoot balloons and plates.  It is always a highlight of her day.

There are some rides that she is a little (ok a lot) too small to know all the ones that require you to be over three feet tall.  But that's ok...we know how to pass the time waiting for Daddy and sisters to ride them.  Spinning Minnie is fun, even if Mommy won't buy it.  (Ok lets face it, I would have bought it if Daddy wasn't carrying all the money...could you resist that smile?)

And as evening falls and it feels like it might actually be fall,  Reagan has to show what a big girl she is by zipping up her sweater all by herself.  "Did it Mommy, did it".

Monday, October 20, 2014

And Now I Lay Me...

We sat on the sofa and listened to Reagan tell us a riveting story for 15 minutes this evening.  But our phones were dead so we didn't capture it, and of course when we tried to get her to tell us a story later she wouldn't do it.   But I did get this and it is too sweet not to share.  This is not an isolated incident...she does this spontaneously every night and also at mealtimes.  See if you can actually catch what she's saying in her bedtime prayer...I'll provide translation below.


"Jesus....And Elsa, and Ponies, and To-day, and Home. Thank You, 'Men"

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day Off with Daddy

Hi this is Reagan.  My mommy is pretty busy lately so I'm taking over the blog for today.  I didn't have school today and my Daddy didn't have work.  I got to do everything Daddy did today.  We did lots of fun things and I looked cute all day.  I know because everywhere we went people told Mommy and Daddy how cute I was.   Especially my boots.  I love my boots.
 We took my big sisters to school and then we ate pancakes together.  Pancakes are my favorite thing to eat for breakfast.

 When we came home Mommy started baking some cakes so I thought maybe I should make some for Daddy too.  I love to cook.
 After lunch Daddy was tired.  I wasn't.  I tried to put my bracelet on Daddy, but he said it was cuter on me.
 When it was time to pick my sisters up from school I borrowed my sister's sunglasses because it was bright outside...and I look super cute sporting upside down sunglasses in my carseat!
 Once my sisters were done with their homework we all went for a walk.  Well everybody else walked and relaxed in my stroller and ate goldfish.
Yep, it was a pretty good day.  I'm ready to go back to school now.  See ya all later.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This and That

Be still my heart I love this kid!  This is the same little girl who I have been writing about every October and that I mentioned last week.  Nobody tells her to do this stuff.  God Bless the Little Children!  11 years old and she is going around with one hand painted pink and the other blue and yellow and telling everybody why.
In other news,  I have been tearing my hair out trying to line up insurance and specialists....why does it have to be this complicated?  And the position of Reagan's secretary is pays least if you can succeed in making these things happen without screaming.  Grant me patience with yet another round of phone calls tomorrow and may everybody's computer systems be running properly.  And Heaven help the next person who says they will call me back to schedule an appointment but never does!  Ok that is out of my system.  Most of Reagan's labs have come back and they are all looking good so far.  Yay!  Also...for the first time since she moved into her big girl bed, Reagan went to sleep in her bed.
  Can I get three cheers?!  Tomorrow is a no school day for Reagan and over into a day off for Daddy so we get lots of play time.  We shall take many cute pictures.  You are welcome.